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Is Prairie Grove Farms 100% Natural Pork really different? Why?

Yes! The majority of pork available in the market today is raised using antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants. Some also “pump”, “inject”, “baste” or “enhance” their pork with water, sodium phosphate and other artificial ingredients. Prairie Grove Farms NEVER uses antibiotics, artificial growth stimulants or artificial ingredients, EVER.

Why should I be concerned about antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants?

The two primary concerns are:

  • It could affect antibiotic resistance in humans
  • It could affect growth and development and/or contribute to risks

There is enough science backing up these concerns that the FDA has issued guidance about the routine use of antibiotics in meat for human consumption, and has said it is an unacceptable health risk to humans.

Antibiotics are a good thing when prescribed under your doctor’s care, but most in the medical profession would argue against ingesting antibiotics when you are well. The same would hold true with artificial growth stimulants: most of us do not need or want them in our food. With Prairie Grove Farms 100% Natural Pork, you don’t need to worry about the potential risks associated with antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants, because we don’t put them in our pork products, EVER!

Can you give me some cooking tips for Natural Pork?

Natural Pork is leaner than it was 10 or 15 years ago. And, because it is not infused with water, phosphates or other artificial ingredients, you might note cooking times are reduced. This will, of course, vary by the cooking method you use, the temperature you cook at over a given time, and the cut of meat you are preparing.

We prefer cooking to an internal temperature of 155 degrees for most cuts and using a reliable meat thermometer. Prairie Grove Farms pork is best when a slight pink center is visible—except for ground pork, which should be cooked to the well-done side, or a firm 160 degree internal temperature.

How long can I keep pork frozen? Refrigerated?

Always look on the package for a “use by,” “sell by” or “use or freeze by” date. Generally, refrigerated pork will maintain freshness until the date posted, assuming the packaging is in good condition and product did not get warm in transition from the grocer to your refrigerator. Depending on the packaging type used, this “use by” period can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks refrigerated.

As long as the product is frozen before the refrigerated expiration date, you can generally keep product frozen for up to 6 months. We do not recommend keeping product frozen for any longer than 6 months, as it could become freezer burned and lose the excellent flavor you expect.

What does 'Never, Ever' mean?

Some pork companies use antibiotics for part of a pigs life cycle. Some use antibiotics for the maximum time allowed by adding it to the food and water a pig consumes. Most use artificial growth stimulants the last 30 days or so prior to harvesting.

This brings with it a variety of product label claims such as “antibiotic residue free”. And, while the label may still say “Natural” on it, these animals were still administered antibiotics during their lifecycle. The same would hold true with artificial growth stimulants—unless the label states “NO” or “NEVER ANY” artificial growth stimulants used, you can bet the animals were administered artificial growth stimulants.

It can be confusing, so just ask for Prairie Grove Farms by name and be confident knowing we NEVER use antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants, EVER.

Why does Prairie Grove Farms use 'barn-raised' vs. 'free-range' hogs for their program?

The primary reason: for animal health and great quality meat. Free range means exactly that: animals are free to roam and eat whatever they find. Just like us, they are what they eat, and this can affect their health and the quality of meat they produce.

Our pigs eat better so you eat better. They eat a controlled diet and get clean water that hasn’t been exposed to pesticides and herbicides that exist outdoors. They also are not exposed to the extreme temperatures that occur in the Midwest. A healthy animal is a happy animal, and provides the best product quality for you and your family.

Is Prairie Grove Farms Crate Free?

Yes. Prairie Grove Farms sources 100% Crate Free Hogs.

Are the animals humanely raised?

Yes. Prairie Grove sources animals from farms that have been certified by independent third-party organizations such as American Humane Certified®️ and Certified Humane®️.

What are the leanest cuts of pork and how do they compare with the fat content of chicken?

Corn and soy grain controlled diets have led to leaner pork over the years. If you want the leanest cuts of pork, look for items that have the word “loin” in the description on the package (pork loin, tenderloin, sirloin, etc.). A 3oz serving of pork tenderloin, for example, has 2.98 grams of fat per serving, which is comparable to a boneless, skinless chicken breast and meets the USDA guidelines for an “extra lean” statement.

What do Prairie Grove Farms pigs eat?

Many people still believe pigs are fed “slop” (or just about anything) as they were several years ago (and maybe a few still do today). At Prairie Grove Farms, pigs begin their lifecycle nursing their mother’s milk. Once they are weaned, they are fed a diet consisting primarily of corn and soy (no animal by-products), and given clean drinking water.

Does Prairie Grove Farms make items other than fresh pork?

Yes! Currently, Prairie Grove Farms also offers bacon, cooked sausages, ham and cooked ribs. All of these products are made with the same quality fresh pork cuts that contain no antibiotics, no artificial growth stimulants and no artificial ingredients. In addition, most of these products do not have added nitrites, and are MSG and gluten free. We also use natural seasonings such as sea salt and cracked peppercorn for additional great flavor.

We understand you demand health and great taste. But we also know it’s important that we do things in a manner that respects the land, resources and people, in the process. Not only is that a better way, it’s the Prairie Grove Farms way.

Who owns Prairie Grove Farms?

Prairie Grove Farms is owned by Perdue Foods.