Is Prairie Grove Farms Crate Free?

Yes. Prairie Grove Farms sources 100% Crate Free Hogs. This means sows are never confined to crates during gestation or farrowing phases.

Are the animals humanely raised?

Yes. Prairie Grove sources animals from farms certified by the independent third-party organization, American Humane Certified. Farms must meet more than 200 science-backed humane animal care standards. Prairie Grove Farms also sources 100% Crate Free Hogs. This means sows are never confined to crates during gestation or farrowing phases.

What does 'Never, Ever' mean?

Never, Ever means that our farmers “never”, “ever” use antibiotics or growth promotants to raise their pigs for Prairie Grove. It takes great animal husbandry to provide an environment where no antibiotics are needed. We’re proud of our humane protocols and high animal welfare standards.

Some pork companies use antibiotics for part of a pig’s life cycle. Some use antibiotics for the maximum time allowed by adding it to the food and water a pig consumes. Most use artificial growth stimulants the last 30 days or so prior to harvesting.

This brings with it a variety of product label claims such as “antibiotic residue free”. And, while the label may still say “Natural” on it, these animals were still administered antibiotics during their lifecycle. The same would hold true with artificial growth stimulants—unless the label states “NO” or “NEVER ANY” artificial growth stimulants used, you can bet the animals were administered artificial growth stimulants.

It can be confusing, so just ask for Prairie Grove Farms by name and be confident knowing we NEVER use antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants, EVER.

How is Prairie Grove Farms related to Coleman Natural Foods?

Prairie Grove Farms is an exclusive brand of fresh pork products sold at select retailers in the New York Metro Area. Pork is sourced from farmers contracted by Coleman Natural Foods, which means they hold the same high standards for animal care and quality meats. Every family farm is in the United States, and is American Humane Certified and 100% crate free in both gestation and farrowing. Animals are never given antibiotics or added hormones, ever.

Where can I buy Prairie Grove Farms Fresh Pork?

Currently Prairie Grove Farms fresh pork is available at DeCicco & Sons Markets and Wild by Nature, along with a few smaller independent grocery stores in the New York Metro Area. Looking for the same high-quality pork in your area? Check out Coleman Natural brand pork, which holds the same high-standards, but is available more broadly nationwide.

I loved Prairie Grove Farms bacon, sausages and hams, where can I buy them?

Unfortunately, Prairie Grove Farms no longer produces these products. However, you can find Coleman Natural Foods products that carry the same high standards for animal care and quality ingredients at your local grocery store or order online for delivery right to your door!

I still have questions? Who should I contact?

Please reach out to us directly at 1-800-442-8666.