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Our Story

Great Taste Without the Worry®
With so many things to worry about, we make sure what you’re serving your family isn’t one of them. This means we are committed to producing great tasting, all-natural meats without ever using antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or artificial ingredients, always gluten-free with no fillers or by-products. Made with care—from hand-rubbing the seasonings on the pulled pork and ribs, to smoking hams over real hardwood—you can taste the difference.

Unfortunately, many other natural meat companies today use antibiotic withdrawal programs in which the animals are given antibiotics at some point during their lives, but are taken off in time for the meat to test negative. Even though these animals are given antibiotics, the package can contain the “No Antibiotic” claim because the meat tested negative at the time of processing. Prairie Grove Farms NEVER gives their animals antibiotics—EVER!

Our livestock are fed a wholesome diet of corn and soy. We believe that producing great tasting meats starts with how the animals are raised.

Prairie Grove Farms is a great choice for worry-free meats. So, make the easy decision, choose to serve your family wholesome meats which are worthy of gathering everyone around the table!