Where To Buy

Our products are available at select locations of the following grocery stores. This list changes often, so please check with your local retailer directly, or contact us to find out if Prairie Grove Farms is available in your area.

    • Raley’s Supermarkets
    • Dave’s
    • Donalen’s Supermarkets
    • Mrs. Greens
    • Jewel (Chicago market)
    • Berkot’s Supermarkets
    • Festival Foods (Madison, WI)
    • Niemann Foods (Quincy, IL)
    • Tri-Town
    • Fresh Market
    • Earth Origin’s (Florida market)
    • Top’s Markets
    • DeCicco’s (New York market)
    • Walts Food Centers
    • Pete’s Fresh Markets (Chicago markets)
    • Bristol Farms (California)
    • McKinnon’s (New Hampshire)